Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Server Digital Bank Robbery Points To Russian Secret Service

Researchers from the Japanese anti-virus company Trend Micro were strange to look at when a server that was used in a bank robbery comprehensive digital suddenly pointed to an IP address of the Russian secret service FSB. Late last and early this year warned security for a group of attackers, called "Anunak "or" Carbanak "who knew to break through malware with banks and tens of millions of euros booty made.

The malware was driven by the gang used several domain names, as Command & Control (C & C) server functioned. Since the revelations infrastructure Carbanak monitored. Last week was the IP address of one of the C & C domains suddenly turned and pointed to an IP address of the FSB, let analyst Maxim Goncharov know. He does not think the FSB of adjustment and is therefore suspect that it is a joke of the domain owner, though a blunder also not excluded.

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