Friday, 29 May 2015

Confiscated Domain Megaupload Points To Malware

Two domain names of Megaupload by the US government in early 2012 seized are now being used to infect users with malware and forward to Internet cams, as discovered website TorrentFreak .Megaupload was the upload and download site from Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

For alleged copyright infringement and online piracy were Dotcom and several others indicted by the US. Who and had received a warning that the domains were seized. It seems that the domain names have not been extended allowing another party they could register or attackers there have been accessed in a different way. Code on the website sends visitors will see through to scam sites or have ads that offer malware. Commenting Dotcom criticized the actions of the authorities. For several years, the Internet entrepreneur has a new online storage service called Mega.

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