Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Analysis Tool IDA Reset License Keys After Server Hack

The makers of IDA, a popular tool for analyzing and reverse engineering, among other malware, users are warned that one of the company's servers is hacked. In addition, there may license files compromised.The license files contain the license key of the user and product name, and the names and email addresses. All other data would not have been captured.

When the attack was carried out unknown because the attackers a "low profile" held, said an e-mail that was sent to users whose Justincasemusic Android Police a screenshot made. A copy of the e-mail also appeared on Pastebin . According to the developers, the attack may be carried out through the dynamic part of the web server, namely the forum and blogging software.

As a precaution, there was created a new license key for users, which is transmitted over the same warning mail. Users should use this key when applying for future updates, as the old key is no longer recognized by the server. In addition, users are advised to change the forum password they used. IDA is considered by many experts considered to be the standard tool for reverse engineering and is being used to analyze malware.

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