Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hacked Ad Network Spread Infectious Ads

Cyber criminals have been there last week managed to hack into the advertising network MadAdsMedia and thus spread infectious ads to thousands of Internet users. The infected ads were abuse of a known and April patched vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player.

In case the user did not have up-to-date software, they could become infected with a variant of the Carberp banking Trojan.This Trojan is designed to steal information and particularly for internet banking. The advertising network had the hack itself through and could only take action after it was alerted by anti-virus company Trend Micro. The attack campaign was already about a week going.

The advertising network MadAdsMedia operates worldwide, but the infected ads would especially on websites about anime and manga have appeared. Trend Micro says that possible 12,500 users a day through the ads are attacked.

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