Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Popular Torrent SubTorrents Spreading Malware

On a torrent in particular in Spain and South America is very popular, researchers have found malicious code that attempts to infect visitors with malware. It is the website . Was seen many ads on the website first thought that it was possible to "malvertising," where visitors are attacked through malicious advertisements.

However, further investigation revealed that the site itself was hacked, said Jerome Segura anti-virus company Malwarebytes. The malicious code on the website tries to use vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight and Oracle Java.These are known vulnerabilities. Users whose software is up to date are therefore at no risk. In case the attack is successful, a Trojan horse installed, which is recognized by 6 of the 56 scanners on VirusTotal.

"The downloading illegal torrents is a dangerous thing. Besides fake files that time and also waste bandwidth users need a way through a forest of misleading advertisements and pop-ups jobs," says Segura. "They might save a few dollars on the latest movie, but possibly risking much more like a nasty malware infection."

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