Monday, 25 May 2015

Database AdultFriendFinder Offered For 15,000 Euros

The man who claims to be responsible for the break-in at the erotic dating site Adult Friend Finder now offers the full database of private information for sale, amounting to 70 bitcoins. With the current exchange rate, that equates to more than 15,000 euros, as discovered IT consultant Bev Robb.

There had already been a part of the database containing the sexual preference of 3.9 million members , as well as their email addresses, user names, birth dates, post codes and IP addresses put online. The complete database would also contain credit card information. In a FAQ about the incident late AdultFriendFinder however, know that there is no evidence that personal financial information or passwords have been compromised. The man behind the burglary is also announced that he can hack any website within a week, with a budget of 750 bitcoins is requested. That would be the current exchange rate is 165,000 euros.

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