Monday, 18 May 2015

AVG: Face Convenient For Disabled

Whether people are now finding it or not, face recognition is increasingly used. Despite worries about privacy, the technology also has advantages, such as the disabled, says Charlie Sanchez of anti-virus company AVG. Sanchez says that facial recognition software has a bad reputation and is often associated with government surveillance and dystopian visions of the future as in the movie Minority Report shows.

"While there are legitimate concerns about the use of facial recognition technology, there are also plenty of beautiful and innovative ways it can improve our daily lives," brand Sanchez. For example, he sees benefits for people with disabilities.Recently, researchers unveiled the " Xplor "a white cane with face recognition. The stick can identify people walking by and warn the user if an acquaintance of his or her arrival. Another example is the Samsung Memory Recaller app . This app helps Alzheimer's patients to recognize the faces of friends and acquaintances.


Another field where facial recognition as Sanchez will play an important role is security. "Very soon devices will be able to fully establish our identity, making keys, wallets, tickets and passports can be unnecessary." The analyst believes that will simplify the use of facial recognition technology, by ensuring that people are not multiple passwords or login longer need to remember.

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