Friday, 1 May 2015

Hacktivist Must Program Code Because Internet Ban Print

A member of the Anonymous-like group that US government sites hacked and information from dozens of police officers revealed last year came after a 18 months' imprisonment at large, but still has to deal with an Internet ban and he was printing program code for his employer and by mail must send.

Programmer Higinio Ochoa, alias w0rmer could via a photo to his fiancee arrested . On the websites hacked Ochoa, he placed a photo that his girlfriend had made ​​through its iPhone. The location data was enabled on the smartphone, which the FBI was able to determine the coordinates where the photo was taken. The FBI thus managed to identify the woman and came out through her ​​Facebook page with Ochoa. The hacktivist came last year after a 18 months' imprisonment at large.

However, he still has to do with an internet ban. If he uses a device connected to the Internet, he can end up back behind bars, which creates practical problems. Ochoa is still working as a programmer, but his server is not connected to the internet. To get the code to his employer must send that print through a local printing company, and then by post to the office.

Also, paying bills, he can not do and is done by his wife. The same applies if he wants to watch Netflix. His wife must click play and then "auto-play" setup, so Ochoa no longer need to click play. Even the programmer sees the advantage. "My wife and child have taken place on the internet for me," so he let in an interview with Reply All know.

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