Saturday, 30 May 2015

Android Phone App Lets Look Unnoticed Porn

Google Play researchers again several malicious Android apps encountered after installing the device unnoticed kinds of porn sites and make visits to these sites to open multiple links and advertisements. In late April discovered anti-virus company Avast called "Dubsmash 2 app" on Google Play that was downloaded between 100,000 and 500,000 times before Google removed these.

Once the app actively trying to hide from the user and then visited several pornography sites in the background. Presumably the creator got paid for clicks that generated the app. Clicks that advertisers think they are carried out by people. Although Google removed the app there are recent days several variants of the app on Google Play appeared as late as anti-virus company ESET know.

Apps that should keep Google actually, say the researchers from the company. In a period of several days, several variants of the Trojan Dubsmash 2 uploaded and removed by Google. Yet one variant in two days would have been downloaded about 5,000 times. A total of nine discovered called Dubsmash 2 apps which were in reality "porn clickers". Once active every minute is charged a porn site, followed by a random click pattern.

"Although click fraud causes no direct harm to victims, such as to steal passwords, generates a lot of traffic and thereby generating additional costs for victims who have a data limit, so they remain at the end of the month with a high phone bill" , the researchers note. Which argue that Google Play has some weaknesses, given that the same malicious app could be placed several times on the app store before they intervened.

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