Saturday, 23 May 2015

Malware Steals Money From Banking System Companies In Belgium

Cyber ​​criminals have developed malware is able to steal money from a system which Belgian companies are using online banking. It is the Isabel system used by 35,000 Belgian companies, sole traders and professionals. For several companies would be robbed by the malware, with considerable sums of money from bank accounts are transferred.

By Isabel can arrange business transactions with different banks and integrate them into their accounting systems. Because the malware all notaries have been warned by the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries. In one notary would now be looted a large amount, reports De Tijd . In order to cash fraudulent transaction set up the malware waits until the user sits at his computer.

Isabel works with a card reader and PIN required to approve the transaction. The malware transaction can not perform themselves. After getting all of the transaction from the user's card reader, however, will squeak. The risk is that the user now as an automatism enters his PIN and approve such transaction. For the spread of malware, which is badly by anti-virus programs detected, e-mail attachments are used. The Belgian police have already set various studies robbed Isabel customers.

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