Sunday, 31 May 2015

Advertising Company Superfish Closes Doors After Storm Of Criticism

Advertising company Superfish, early this year in the center was a storm of criticism, the doors closed.Superfish delivered to Lenovo a program that intercepted on all kinds of laptop models SSL connections to inject ads.

The adware used for this purpose its own root certificate. Researchers managed to crack the password using the private key of the Superfish certificate. This makes it possible in some cases to perform man-in-the-middle attacks against systems running Superfish and the certificate installed. Because of the incident Lenovo Superfish decided not to deliver laptops and offered a tool to remove. In addition, there were all kinds of lawsuits.

Co-founder Adi Pinhas has now decided to close Superfish and the company's technology through a new company, Visual Just to be used. Instead of injecting ads Visual works Just to smartphone apps that can recognize pictures and can search for similar images, without any text labels are required. According Pinhas was the move to this "visual search software" is already underway, but which was accelerated by all the criticism that erupted after the vulnerability.

That's not to say Just Visual nothing to do with the ads will have. The visual search engine is in fact focused on the search for specific objects by telephone. The search engine can then show ads of similar products. In addition, the company hopes to make money on licenses for the use of technology. Well Just Visual will follow industry standards for safety and privacy, as late as Chief Product Officer Keven Lee opposite the Associated Press know.

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