Friday, 8 May 2015

Australia Warns Of CVs Ransomware

The Australian government has warned companies to resumes that are currently scattered through e-mail and try to infect computers with ransomware. The e-mail suggests someone and says that he has attached his job. It is a zip file that contains a JavaScript file again. Once this .js file is opened, the computer becomes CryptoWall-ransomware infected.

It is the same attack in the April 21 news came. The Stay Smart Online campaign by the Australian government suggests that the attack focuses on Australian companies and a new campaign is active since last week. CryptoWall encrypts files on the computer and then asks for a ransom here. The Australian government warns that many victims recover their files if they pay the ransom, but there is no guarantee, since users have to deal with criminals. "Prevention is therefore the best medicine for ransomware and other malware attacks," the campaign.

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