Sunday, 17 May 2015

Victims Ransomware In Conversation With Extortionists

Globally, still a large number of people and organizations affected by ransomware, the infection can sometimes have serious consequences for their lives and business, says FireEye. The US security was given access to the conversations between the victims and the makers of the Tesla Crypt-ransomware.

Within three months, the creators managed to extort about 67,000 euros from 163 victims, which amounts to about 410 euros per victim. There was also a victim who paid 875 euros. It turned out 13% of the victims to make the requested amount.Tesla Crypt offers an online chat functionality, the victim may ask the makers about paying via bitcoin. Therefore also the effect of ransomware on the lives of the victims clearly.

The victims were scattered around the world, students in Iran and Spain to people in the United States, Germany, Argentina, Croatia and Mongolia. Some were afraid that they would be expelled from school or dismissal by their employer if they would follow the files were not returned. Fathers and mothers were torn apart by the loss of their family photos.

Several organizations were targeted, including an organization that conducts research into blood cancers. According FireEye many of the victims are not able to pay the amount requested and then gave up. Below is a portion of the chat conversations where the security given access.

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