Sunday, 24 May 2015

Date 3.9 Million Members In Adult Dating Search Engine

This week that attackers had managed to steal a database of adult dating site Adult FriendFinder containing the personal information of 3.9 million members . The data were then made ​​public. Security expert Troy Hunt has this data now added to his " "search engine.

For a variety of large data breaches that occurred in recent years, such as those from Adobe, with data from tens of millions of users were captured, Hunt decided to create a website that contains information from hacked databases. Internet users can search through this search engine or even their e-mail address is being stolen from such intrusion. The search engine now contains the details of all known hacked businesses and 183 million accounts.

The data come from burglaries at Adobe, , Bitcoin Security Forum, Snap Chat, Stratfor, Gawker, Forbes, Yahoo, Sony and other companies. Users can enter their email address on the website and get that message right away or they are listed in one of the stolen databases. Internet users also can sign up so they get automatically notified if their email address is listed in a stolen database that is added to the search engine in the future.

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