Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Adware Disguises Himself As AdBlocker Plus Browser

Adblock Plus is a popular browser extension that must stop ads, but now researchers have discovered a form of adware that is just as Adblock Plus disguises in the browser. The adware refers to himself in the browser "AdBlocker" with the publisher AdBlocker and AdBlocker Plus logo.

Furthermore, it is also adapted to the installation date, so users do not immediately see the installed extension when sorting by date. Once the active adware makes all kinds of ads to view websites. In order to prevent the adware is easily noticed and removed which also makes use of single-rootkit elements, as discovered anti-virus company Malware Bytes .

For the installation, the use of a adware "LSP hijacker". LSP stands for Layered Service Provider and is a DLL that the Winsock API (Application Programming Interface) used to inject itself into the TCP / IP stack. Since it can intercept all traffic between the Internet and applications, filter and customize. According to analyst Pieter Arntz allows use of the rootkit components and LSP hijacker see that "potentially unwanted software" more and more like real malware starts to behave.

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