Friday, 22 May 2015

Hacker Finds Way For Unlimited Coffee At Starbucks

A hacker has found a way allowing him unlimited coffee at coffee chain Starbucks could gain or gift cards could upgrade with millions of dollars. Via is possible to create a personal account, where users can add gift cards to their transactions can view and even transfer money between gift cards.

Through the gift cards, it is possible to settle in the coffee shops chain. Hacker Ego Homakov discovered a "race condition" in which he could transfer money from one gift card to two of his other gift cards. Homakov tried to approach Starbucks after its discovery, but that proved difficult. Eventually, he succeeded nevertheless in anyone in the coffee chain lights and the problem was resolved within 10 days.

After he had done bug message the hacker himself was called by Starbucks. Not to thank him, but there was talk of "fraud" and "malicious actions" Homakov so late in his analysis of the vulnerability know. On Reddit , where Homakov announced his discovery, has become a heated debate erupted or the reaction of Starbucks on the bug message was justified or not.

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