Friday, 1 May 2015

Increase DDoS Attacks Hacked Routers And Printers

Hacked printers and routers are responsible for an increase in the number and size of DDoS attacks.Other devices connected to the web and part of the "Internet of Things" are play a role, claims the security NSFocus.

In the attacks, the attackers use the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP), which is part of the UPnP protocol. This protocol is enabled on millions of devices, including routers, media servers, webcams, smart TVs and printers. Via SSDP devices can find each other easily networks and connect with each other. Through the SSDP protocol on these devices strengthen their criminals DDoS attacks.

The criminals in this spoof the IP address of the attack site and send packets to the router or other devices. Which then react with response packets that are sent to the spoofed IP address. According NSFocus attacks can in this way by a factor of 75 to be reinforced. The company further states that there are more than 7 million SSDP devices that can be used for DDoS attacks. As soon the Internet of Things becomes reality, whereby billions of devices coming online, expects IT security exponential growth of SSDP-like attacks.

"Recently more attacks were seen being launched from smart devices", say the researchers from the security company in this report . The reason is that smart devices have a relatively high bandwidth, often not be updated 24 hours a day online."As smart devices have weak passwords or other vulnerabilities, attackers can use them to carry out DDoS attacks."Recently warned also security company Arbor Networks to use SSDP for strengthening DDoS attacks.

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