Sunday, 24 May 2015

Dell: Companies Should Block .Zip And .Exe Files

Companies that want to guard against ransomware would be wise to block .zip and .exe files so they can not get into e-mail to employees. Advising Dell SecureWorks . The advice stated in a comprehensive analysis of the Tesla Crypt-ransomware.

Like other ransomware is spreading Tesla Crypt via email and encrypts all kinds of files on the computer. It thereby ignores music formats like MP3 and video files like MP4. The ransom, which runs into the hundreds of dollars, via bitcoin, PaySafeCard and uKash be paid. In the case of Tesla Crypt Cisco recently unveiled a decryption utility that allows files to be decrypted without charge. Companies and organizations can, however, take several steps to protect themselves against possible infections.

Besides blocking executable files and zip archives is recommended operating system and browser plug-ins to keep up-to-date. Furthermore must permissions on shared network drives are controlled so that users with insufficient privileges Files can adapt. Finally, proposed a "software restriction policy", so as ransomware Tesla Crypt no changes in commonly used directories as "AppData" can make.

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