Saturday, 23 May 2015

Firefox Goes Ads Based On Behavioral Show

Firefox, this summer ads based on the user's surfing habits show. The browser will then when you open a new tab "Suggested Tiles" show. These are ads that are based on the user's browsing habits. This would be taken into account with the users of privacy. To make the ads relevant to a limited amount of data sent to Mozilla there.

Since then analyzed and shared with partners from Mozilla. According to the developer, the browser via Suggested Tiles possible to display relevant ads that users' privacy is respected and he or she maintains control over the data. "We believe that users should be able to easily understand what content is promoted, who it is and why they see it," said Mozilla's Darren Herman .

"It is the user who is the owner of the profile. Only a Firefox user can change its own surf history," he notes. Additionally, users can opt out of Suggested Tiles through two mouse clicks. According to Herman, the advertising function will ensure that advertisers with millions of Firefox users to get in touch. Suggested Tiles will soon be added to the beta version of Firefox and end up somewhere this summer in the final version of Firefox. This feature will first be rolled out among American Firefox users.

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