Thursday, 21 May 2015

Adblock Plus Launches Its Own Browser For Android

The makers Adblock Plus , the popular browser extension on the Internet, launched its own browser for Android that ad blocking is central. Through Adblock Plus can block Internet ads. According to the developers, the add-on downloaded over 300 million times. If we look at the statistics of active daily users would look about 20 million Firefox users and over 10 million users use Chrome extension.

In the past, Adblock Plus created an extension for Android users, but Google has removed from the Google Play Store, because the add-on products or services other influences. By not being available in app stores is very difficult to reach mobile users, thereby fail not of existence. Additionally Adblock Plus for Android could only block ads on HTTP. In recent months, developers have therefore been working on its own mobile browser that integrates ad blocking.

Today is the first beta version of the browser released. The browser is open source and based on Firefox. The reason is that the Adblock Plus developers Mozilla as a project and as a company really admire. "Firefox for Android is a great mobile browser," so they claim. Most users would not know it, but the browser supports numerous extensions, including Adblock Plus. "Unlike Firefox on the desktop, we are very limited when it comes to integrating Adblock Plus in the user interface of Firefox for Android."

By developing its own browser have to integrate the developers more freedom to adblocking as basic feature that is both understandable and easy to configure. The developers say that they have big plans for the future. So we look to combine the Adblock browser and desktop browser users in a meaningful way. So far the mobile browser now gets all the attention and Internet recalled that test. According to the website of the Adblock Browser comes soon a version for iOS.

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