Monday, 25 May 2015

Frisian USB Stick For Anonymous Surfing Costs 999 Euros

A Frisian company has launched a USB flash drive 999 which users can go online anonymously and encrypted communication. The Crypto Boss, as the stick is called, comes with a browser, photo editing suite, accounting, email client and an office suite. Also, there PGP encryption software included to be able to e-mail. It therefore seems to privacy operating system Tails.

By default, the operating system of the Crypto Boss using the Tor network, which users can go online anonymously. Data is stored on the USB drive, so there are no traces on the hard drive of the computer. Furthermore, all data is encrypted by default. To use the Crypto Boss, users must also specify a password.

"The big advantage of Crypto Boss versus others is that we provide a combination of hardware and software that is immediately ready for use. Other privacy-centric operating systems must be downloaded by the user and installed in a very roundabout way to a USB stick. The Crypto Boss is much more user friendly and actually used by everyone from the box, "said the Frisian company behind the stick located in Drachten.

The Crypto Boss comes in three versions. The 32GB version costs $ 999, while versions of 64GB and 128GB respectively cost 1199 euro and 1399 euro. If USB drive seems to be using the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth. For users who are looking for a similar, cheaper solution is the aforementioned Tails . This is also an operating system to the Internet with anonymous and encrypted communication which also contains various tools like LibreOffice, GIMP and Audacity. It is also free to download and use.


  1. I haven't tried using Crypto Boss before... have you already checked out and review this kind of software? Are they included to VPN?

    1. I checked the
      They all maintain the logs at there server. Always first try to read the terms and conditions of vpn software / services.
      So, This USB Stick is better than these... I know its costly..but its provide much more security than these software's.