Monday, 25 May 2015

Pentagon Blocks 2500 WikiLeaks-Like Website

The Pentagon blocks on its own unclassified defense network 2500 WikiLeaks-like websites, reports the website Public Intelligence , which is one of the blocked sites. Once one of these websites defense personnel attempting to access a message appears.

It says that the website is blocked and there is contact with the local network center should be included to access if it is "mission critical". In 2013, an intelligence analyst made such a request, according to a newly published e-mail. According to the request of the Public Intelligence website was used for open sources. There followed an email exchange between the brigade who had to approve the request and the IT department of the intelligence division.

Eventually the IT department pointed out that it was a WikiLeaks-like website was blocked by the US Cyber ​​Command. If the analyst's website still needed, she could use a different solution. What exactly that solution is in the published email unrecognizable. In the case of Public Intelligence, this is remarkable, because the site has published documents from Snowden or WikiLeaks. Further investigation revealed that the Cyber ​​Command in total 2482 WikiLeaks-like website late block.

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