Monday, 18 May 2015

American College Gets Offline Network After Attack

An American university network was taken offline after it had advanced malware discovered that for years was active. On November 21 last year, the Penn State College of Engineering was warned by the FBI for an attack. There was a study conducted in silence, the attackers did not let them know they were discovered so, said in a university statement .

Also had a "deviant action" by an individual user can provide unwanted operations to aggravate the situation. During the investigation, it was discovered that two sophisticated attackers had gained access to the network. One of the attackers since September 2012 would have had access to the network. Because of the size it is now decided to disconnect the network from the Internet and check all systems.

Further measures will be taken to prevent future attacks. There will be tighter security rules for workers and students are implemented. In addition, the IT policy will be adjusted properly. In the attack, no personal information would be captured.However, the attackers were able to compromise multiple accounts and passwords. From all accounts, the password will be reset. According to the university, the operation will take several days.

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