Saturday, 2 May 2015

China Concerned About Cyber Strategy Pentagon

The Chinese Ministry of Defense is concerned about the new cyber strategy ( pdf ) from the Pentagon, which was presented recently. In the strategy, the Pentagon states that cyber attacks may retaliate with their own cyber weapons. According to the Chinese Defense spokesman Geng Yansheng this will cause the voltage on cyber security will only increase and encourage a race of cyber weapons.

"This worries us," as he announced. The spokesman added that the United States in the report do not need to point to China when it comes to cyber espionage, and that this criticism is hypocritical anyway given the PRISM spying program by the NSA, said Reuters . According to Geng China might just be the victim of cyber attacks and the opponent of any kind of hacking. The spokesman also called on the US to adopt a double standard, reports the Chinese news agency Xinhua .

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