Sunday, 3 May 2015

WikiLeaks Weather Accepts Submissions Fom Whistleblowers

WikiLeaks yesterday evening put a new system online so that it can receive further submissions from whistleblowers. Through the system, which is still in beta and the Tor network uses, according to WikiLeaks people can upload files anonymously.

The announcement late WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange know there was going to be four possible solutions examined which whistleblowers can upload files. Previous solutions, however, would not provide sufficient protection against government surveillance. One of the problems with public systems, "bootstrapping" writes Assange, who still resides in the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

"The fact that a source for instructions see how they can upload material can be used as evidence against him as the SSL key is cracked. To avoid this we have complete instructions and keys placed on millions WikiLeaks pages," said Assange .Moreover, using the "submit" button for uploading files would hardly generate network traffic because the data are downloaded every time someone looks at a WikiLeaks page.

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