Monday, 25 May 2015

Stallman: Windows And Mac OS Are Malware

Much of the software in circulation today is malware. It are programs that treat their users bad, says Richard Stallman, which is Windows, Mac OS and iOS gives specific examples. Stallman is the creator of the GNU operating system.

He uses the definition of malware not only for viruses and Trojans, but for programs that users are treated badly. Stallman Something that has become commonplace, writes in a column for The Guardian. "There are so many cases of proprietary malware reported that we should consider any closed program as suspicious and dangerous." Some of these programs closed spy on users, while others are made ​​to chain users through DRM solutions. Other programs impose censorship on weather and some software is specially designed to sabotage users, Stallman continues.

As an example he mentions malware operating systems like Windows, Mac OS and iOS. This is software that users chains, spies and censors. An Internet that closed out all kinds of software solutions exist is not to be trusted. Stallman calls therefore users to take action. So should software and Web services that spy on users or follow avoided.

It should be collectively invested in free solutions that users do not follow the web. Thirdly legislation must come through democratic ways which prohibits several "malware practices." It is also necessary that there be a democracy, says Stallman.Something which according to him is not the case with trade agreements such as TTP and TTIP those companies actually offer the ability to suppress democracy.

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