Saturday, 16 May 2015

Research: Bots Generate More Traffic Than People

The amount of traffic crash last year was greater than that of men, claims the US bot opponent Distil Networks . Was in 2013. 55% of human traffic, last year this had fallen to 41%. The increase in bone traffic is mainly due to "good bone." This involves automated systems of search engines and social media sites for instance index websites.

The movement of these good bots rose from 21% to 36%. Besides the good bots there are also "bad bots". These are systems that perform brute force attacks, scrape information from competing websites trying to hijack accounts, execute man-in-the-middle attacks, looking for vulnerabilities and commit click fraud. The movement of these bots decreased slightly, from 24% to just under 23%.

The bad bots according Distil Networks mainly a problem at Amazon. 78% of all traffic from Amazon in 2014 consisted of "bad bots". Virtually unchanged from a year earlier. The Dutch service provider SoftLayer is responsible for a lot of bad bots, says Distil Networks. Almost 96% of the traffic is classified as "bad bots." Bad bots are also becoming increasingly behave as humans to be if not detected.

Is specifically looked at countries than are most bad bots (52.2%) in the United States. Netherlands enters the list with 2.5% in sixth place back. However, there is also a bath ratio of impact in relation to the number of Internet users. Then the first place is occupied by Singapore with 153, while the Netherlands has a ratio of 3.3 and thus ends up in eighth place.

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