Sunday, 31 May 2015

Linksys Warns Customers For Password Webcam

Linksys has warned customers with a webcam that they must change the default password, or else run the risk that others gain access to the device and the images can watch. "To avoid these unwanted access you change the default password of the camera", let the company know in an email.

In the message, the manufacturer that, in order to ensure that the wireless cameras as safe as possible, there by justice in the United States worked together to address the issue. As part of this collaboration is for the business cameras firmware developed that helps to change the default password and secure the camera on. The firmware is available for the models LCAD03FLN, LCAD03VLNOD, LCAM0336OD and LCAB03VLNOD.

If users do not change the password during the installation of the firmware, they will remind see a red bar in the window with the camera images. Furthermore, users are advised to change their passwords regularly and use a combination of letters and numbers. Is also advised to use a strong password for the router. In recent months, there are several websites on the Internet appeared where it was possible to watch along with the images from cameras that use default passwords.

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