Wednesday, 27 May 2015

E-mail Resumes And Internship Requests Infects Tills

Researchers have discovered a new variant of checkout malware that spreads via e-mail. The emails focus on companies and have different topics ranging from training requests and resumes, to ask if there are job vacancies. Attached is added to the e-mail a Word document. This document states that it is a secure document and the user macros must turn to see the content.

Once macros are enabled, the document will download the malware. This malware additional malware can be downloaded and installed. Through the malware that is first the attackers can determine what malware is then to be actively installed. It is then possible to install malware that targets POS systems that run on Windows. Several retail chains, especially in the US, using payment terminals that are connected to a Windows computer.

Once the computer is infected, the malware can intercept the data of credit cards and collect processed through the POS system. With the stolen payment card data can then be fraudulent. According to security firm FireEye shows that even attack cyber criminals engaged in random spam operations include cash and malware that can be used to infect some of their victims.

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