Thursday, 28 May 2015

Phone Scammer Locks Browser With Pornographic Pictures

Phone Scammers have in recent years various tricks used to defraud people, such as simulating Blue Screen of Deaths in the browser to give all sorts of warnings, and a new variant is now underway with pornographic pictures and Javascript code.

The scams are all under the same steps, the user is notified that he has to call a help desk. This is called a help desk that allows the user into paying for undelivered services or products. The scam is slightly different from the phone scammers who call people at home, but the end result is the same.

In a new version of the scam the scammers lock the browser users with pornographic images in the background. Then a pop-up is displayed that there are suspicious activities on the computer and found a help desk to be called. To prevent users can easily connect the mention is made of javascript code usage.

According to anti-virus firm Malwarebytes discovered that the scam sends the phone number the user to a telephone exchange, where workers often pose as Microsoft staff and try to gain remote access to the computer. Then states that the computer malware and should be paid to remove it.

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