Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Criticism Of Assange And Appelbaum Because Sony-Mails

Both WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as Tor developer Jacob Appelbaum said to be in favor of privacy and internet freedom, but this does not seem to hold true for the employees of Sony. WikiLeaks recently published an archive of e-mails and documents that were stolen by Sony.

Appelbaum, who in addition to his role as a developer of the Tor software also volunteered with WikiLeaks is involved , was recently interviewed by Fusion . There he lets first know that any form of surveillance is illegal. "Everyone has the right to privacy and should know that his emails are not read, even if the horrible people like the police in Ferguson."

For large enterprises has Appelbaum less understanding. He thinks it is right that WikiLeaks published the stolen Sony emails. As Appelbaum puts the Sony summit as "racist bastards" who have been "negligent". The statements of the Tor developer as the actions of Julian Assange to put the stolen Sony-mails online can count on criticism of the media. Both columnists Business Insider as The Guardian denounced the double standard that seem to handle the two privacy activists

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