Saturday, 2 May 2015

Malware Lets Computers See Pro-Russian Videos

Cyber criminals turn into infected computers in order to artificially inflate the number of views of pro-Russian videos on the website Dailymotion, which increases the visibility of the videos in real website visitors. It is more common before infected computers used to visit websites and example to commit or advertising click fraud or to increase the number of views of a video.

Researchers Trustwave first thought that this is also in the now discovered malware campaign was the case, until the contents of the traffic information has been viewed. This was in fact intended for various pro-Russian videos on DailyMotion. The website is according to Alexa on the 84th spot of most visited websites on the internet. The researchers believe that political considerations should play a role.

Users of infected computers were shown the pro-Russian films do not, as they were loaded on a "hidden desktop". The videos, each of which had about 320,000 views, were thus more visible to real visitors from Dailymotion. According to researchers from Trustwave is the first time that this technique is used for a probable political agenda.

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