Friday, 22 May 2015

Private Data 3.9 Million Members Adult Dating Leaked

Attackers have managed to gain access to a database of popular adult dating site Adult FriendFinder and subsequently the private data of 3.9 million members leaked. It is the sexual preference of users, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual, and extramarital relationships search and e-mail addresses, user names, birth dates, post codes and IP addresses. Among the leaked data are also data from users who had asked the website to delete their account.

Reported that the British television Channel4 . The data of the users would be traded on a black market, where the captured email addresses now with all kinds of spam and infected e-mails are bombarded. The data stolen were also found data from British government and army personnel. Experts warn that these data can be used for targeted attacks on interesting individuals.

In a statement, the dating site says that there are now cooperating with the authorities and a forensic investigation. Depending on the results will take measures to protect the website users. How the attackers access to the database managed to get is unknown.

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