Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Criminals Steal 460,000 Euros Via E-mail Hack

A British family that sold a house in London and thought to be 460,000 euros richer, has been the victim of an email in which criminals hack the money left over to make their statement. Two days before the home sales mailed the lawyer's family asking for account information.

The homeowner mailed his account details and bank code number back. According to the Daily Telegraph knew criminals to intercept e-mail and sent from the same email account, a new message. It claimed to ignore the previously sent invoice data and make the money to another account. After the sale was the lawyer 460,000 euros to that account. A few days later the property owner contact the lawyer, after the fraud came to light and the police were called and banking.

The account of the crooks was frozen, leaving a small 375,000 euros could be secured. 85,000 euro, however, was already included. According to several law firms there is a trend in which law firms are the target of all kinds of scams. Rob Hailstone of the Bold Legal Group, representing 350 law firms, states that financial information should never be sent via unsecured e-mail.

Both attorneys and clients confidential matters would have to send encrypted as well. In addition, consumers are advised to use a strong password for their email account. The homeowner served both at the law firm and the bank in a complaint. A supervisor argued that the law is indeed responsible. However, the bank denies all liability.

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