Friday, 15 May 2015

Hacker Makes 3D Printed Robot Creating Combination Locks

The famous hacker Samy Kamkar has developed a robot that costs less than $ 100, partly to make is via a 3D printer and combination locks of the Master Lock brand in eight attempts to crack. "The CCCC-Combo Breaker! "as Kamkar his robot calls is an Arduino-based lock cracker. In addition to the Arduino, which is a small minicomputer, the device consists of several parts that cost less than $ 100 together. Several of the components can be printed using a 3D printer.

According Kamkar makes the Combo Breaker using a new technique he discovered cracking combination locks. Last month, the hacker already see how he had managed to reduce the maximum number of combinations of a combination lock from 64,000 to 8. A technique that both old and new Master Lock locks work, let him in this video show. The technique he has now added an Arduino-based robot. Both the 3D models as the source code for the open source software Kamkar has made ​​and via GitHub download.

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