Saturday, 30 May 2015

Schneier: Most People Will Never Use Tor Or PGP

Despite all the fuss about the revelations of Edward Snowden and the NSA surveillance in practice most people will never take anti-surveillance measures. In fact, most surveillance tools such as Facebook, Google and a smartphone are voluntarily used by people because they are like "handy", says security expert Bruce Schneier opposite Wired .

When asked how he ordinary, honest Internet users would convince tools like Tor or PGP or use your own mail server, he says this is not possible. The surveillance tools, he says, convenient and free. "That's why we use them. Most technical solutions to avoid surveillance to use tedious and difficult. And they only work to a certain level."

Schneier gives as an example the cell phone, which he describes as an "incidental tracking device". "If that was not the case, the system could not deliver phone calls. Metadata is very intimate and the surveillance data can not be encrypted." When it comes to addressing surveillance should therefore not be given to technical solutions, Schneier says.

The important thing is just to talk about it with each other, he says. "These are political issues that require political solutions, and it will be no political issues if we do not make Currently surveillance yet not showy,. We do not notice it because it happens automatically in the background Snowden left us. see what happens when people notice it. People should notice whatsoever of the lake. "

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