Friday, 29 May 2015

Apple Blocks Unsafe Versions Adobe Flash Player

A little later than usual, Apple released an update to block insecure versions of Adobe Flash Player on Mac OS X, however, are Windows users who certainly have to ensure that they have the latest version.Mac OS X has a "Web Plugin blocking mechanism" that Apple can update to block insecure browser plug-ins and to protect users from potential attacks.

On May 12, Adobe patched 18 vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player that could allow an attacker in the worst case, the underlying system could take over completely. Safari users not using the latest version of Flash Player and a site visit to see the plug-in call have since today a notification. The report says that Adobe Flash Player is outdated and there is a newer version can be downloaded from Adobe. The blockade applies to all Flash Player versions prior to and blocks more vulnerable versions of Flash Player, but does so usually a few days after the update in question appeared.

But they are Windows users who must surely check whether they are using the most recent version, as cyber criminals have begun attacking one of the vulnerabilities that Adobe patched two weeks ago. Again, there is a trend whereby the exploit to attack the vulnerability soon after the release of the security appears. In this case it is the Angler Exploit kit which is now able to Flash users with version and earlier attack, warns security firm FireEye . Through this page, users can see whether and which version of Flash Player is installed on their system.

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