Saturday, 9 May 2015

Man Acquitted Of Possession Of Child Pornography For Malware

A 37-year-old American was acquitted of possession of child pornography because malware was on his smartphone, so has an assistant prosecutor of Franklin County announced. The man was arrested for an extensive whiskey theft which he has now also known.

More than five years would have the American whiskey from a distillery stolen and resold. While investigating the man was also examined its smartphone, which child pornography was found, as did News Graphic end know of April. Further research showed that there was no foul play, said the assistant prosecutor. "The images were caused by malware or ransomware who had downloaded files automatically," so let him know .

The American finally made ​​a "plea deal" with the prosecutor. That agreement also states that the child was the result of malware, reports . For whatever malware it is not disclosed, but both last year and early this year discovered several researchers ransomware variants which indeed showed child pornography on Android smartphones and mainly had a large number of devices in the US infected.

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