Saturday, 30 May 2015

VPN Service Hola Used For DDoS Attack On 8Chan

The popular free VPN service Hola has recently been used to carry out a DDoS attack on the 8Chan website. Hola is as an extension for Google Chrome easy to install and use, which besides being free explains the popularity. In order not to pay for the traffic of users makes the VPN service using a P2P system where the traffic of users is through the connection of other users.

What many users do not know is that the company behind the VPN service sells the users of bandwidth via a service called Luminati. Luminati gives people to pay for access to the Hola network, for example, to commercial traffic anonymous routing.In this way Hola remains free to users. Via Luminati However, it is also possible to use the bandwidth of Hola users for DDoS attacks.

On May 24 was Luminati used as botnet to attack the 8Can website, so let investigator Nikoloz Kokhreidze Monday already know. The founder of 8Chan, Fredrick Brennan, then placed a warning on the website that users Hola better not use. "Hola is the most unethical VPN've ever seen," he observes. In a response to Business Insider Hola let know that the party that the DDoS attack conducted could use any VPN service. In addition, it should also be obvious to users how Hola works, but is there because of all the fuss surrounding private details are put on the website.


  1. Hola is terrible as you can also get the instance of being unlucky if one of those IPs has been filtered as spam and you browse on here while waiting for netflix.. you get shadowbanned (speaking from experience).
    If people are looking for free alternatives I'm currently using Zenmate, which works fairly well for everything. However use other alternatives or paid vpn service.

    1. Yes, you are right it's terrible... Zenmate is good and Disconnect is much better and if you are using Free VPN Services or software's then go for the TOR Or Open VPN.
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