Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Armed Door Cannot Save Cybercriminal Twins

In Russia, in an operation police arrested two brothers who were members of a gang of cyber criminals and had taken all kinds of measures designed to prevent an arrest properly. That leaves the Russian security company Group-IB , which was involved in the operation, know today.

The brothers, who are twins, were in the past been convicted of cyber crime. They were still in their probationary period when they end of 2011 again took to the wrong path. Only in mid-2012 the Russian police to identify the brothers. It took three years before all the evidence had been collected. The brothers were found to use malware to gain access to bank accounts and intercept SMS codes. On May 20, police found surgical site which was directed against the brothers and other members of the gang.

During the raid showed that the brothers were well prepared for the arrival of the police. Thus, the apartment was equipped with armored door, there was an electromagnetic transducer for destroying computer equipment. Also, the brothers had prepared special SMS alerts to warn other members that they had to destroy material. In the raid, the brothers tried to destroy all the material by the money, USB sticks and mobile phones by flushing the toilet.

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