Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Ransomware Maker Decrypts As Promised Infected PCs

The creator of the Locker-ransomware has promised as encrypted files on all computers he infected without charge and automatically decrypted. The ransomware had for some time on computers running before it on May 25 suddenly proceeded to encrypt files.

At various forums complained large numbers of users that their files were encrypted suddenly. Unlike other ransomware variants, which require hundreds of dollars, Locker asked a sum of 22 euros for decrypting the files. Rich is the author therefore did not become. According to Symantec, he would total 152 euros received 22 victims.

Last week the ransomware maker on Pastebin posted a message in which he regret expressed. It was at its say never been his intention to spread the ransomware. He compiled a file with all the encryption keys available and stated that on June 2, all remaining infected computers would be automatically decrypted. And the author has fulfilled that promise, reports Bleeping Computer . For users that their computer had been disinfected, there is a unlocker tool made ​​available. How to distribute the ransomware is managed is still unknown.

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