Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bug In Skype Chat Fixed

The bug in the chat function of Skype's already solved: Skype has released a software update.
In the chat you came into trouble if you typed the following characters and sent: http: // :. Then crashed chat program. Even if you got sent to the characters: Skype quit and each time the program rebooted, the chat service crashes again.

The bug affected only people who use a Skype version for Windows, Android or iOS. The problem did not occur with the Mac version and those using the touchscreen version for Windows 8, reports VentureBeat .

On can now download the latest version of the program.

iMessage crash

A painful situation for Skype, says tech editor Nando Kasteleijn. "Especially because typing http: // :. prevents faster than the strange series that marks late crash iMessage So if you want to send a link to someone, you better direct copy and paste the entire URL. "

SkypeSupport We need a new version of Skype asap. Crashing Bug Affecting phone and desktop clients.- Rafael Rivera (WithinRafael) June 2, 2015

Last week it was announced that a message with a series of strange characters include your iMessage, WhatsApp and Twitter Account may crash. "It is striking that several platforms prove to crash relatively quick succession after entering certain characters," said Nando.

Skype has thus solved the problem and that's a lot faster than Apple.


  1. This is good to hear. I don't my Chinese classes from to get affected by this bug. I'm trying to improve my Chinese because my family is planning a trip this December. I'd like to know a few basic words/phrases, travel words like road signs and warnings before the trip. I'm glad Skype did something about the bug before it spread like wildfire.

    1. Yes, within 24 Hours it fixes the bugs and that's good.. !! :)