Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Free Sandboxes For Malware Analysis Compared

On the Internet are several free tools available that makes it possible to analyze malware. Tools, for example, can be very useful in security incidents, according to the Belgian security analyst Koen van Impe. Companies can find through the analysis of malware for example, other infections on their network and thus take measures to protect systems.

Van Impe decided to various free solutions to look for analyzing malware, namely VirusTotal , Anubis , VxStream and Malwr , then to compare them. Thus, among other things, examined what file formats the solutions can go, including Office, PDF, Android, Windows and PDF, or hashes are displayed, an API is available and whether there are network activities are displayed.

Users are warned by Van Impe that public sandboxes public. "You have to realize that everything you share or upload these sandboxes is accessible to everyone, including the bad guys." In some cases, according to the analyst wise malware specimens that are used for a specific environment not upload to a public service, because otherwise you can let the attackers know that their operation has been detected.

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