Wednesday, 3 June 2015

SourceForge Stopped Bundling Adware

The popular site for open source SourceForge has stopped bundling adware with projects that are not managed, so the website will know. Recently, the site "simply refusing offers from third parties" decided in a small number to join unmanaged SourceForge projects.

It would be to pass a test, but after criticism from the media and users decided to turn it back. Website Ars Technica recently reported how the setup of the graphical editing tool GIMP for Windows adware was provided. The creators of GIMP would have the project eighteen months ago abandoned and SourceForge not use more as a download location. SourceForge continued to offer the download, only includes an installer containing advertisements and tried to install any other software.

Several other projects were hosted on SourceForge ever were air adware installer, such as VLC, Firefox, Drupal and many other tools. Although the administrators of the software no longer maintained through SourceForge, the software was still available via the website. Removing an open source project on SourceForge would namely very difficult to be. As for bundling adware will only take place through an "opt-in" of developers that are still active on the website.

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