Monday, 1 June 2015

NSA Should Stop Large-Scale Data Storage Phone

The US National Security Agency, the mass collection of phone records of US citizens now stop the Senate no agreement has been reached on an extension of Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Through this legislation, the NSA was authorized to store massive conversation data and store. In total expired three commissions of the Patriot Act, says civil rights movement EFF .

It is the section that used to store the state of your phone data and business data, the " lone wolf "provision and" roving wiretap "provision. Preliminary section 215 will be reversed to the state of the Patriot Act, which does not allow financial or communication data storage and requires the government consults specific facts to show that works a target for a foreign government.

During a heated debate showed Sen. Rand Paul know that he is afraid that the new legislation would introduce the US government, the Freedom Act, the NSA still gives wide powers. The new standards would require that telecommunications companies to store the data, which can then be retrieved after a court order by the NSA. According to Paul, his general orders the reason that the American Revolution was fought.

Senator Bob Corker said that the government has the effectiveness of a major program to national security limits as well as the ability to fight terrorists. Other senators are calling for swift action to take and implement the Freedom Act. Despite the expiration of Section 215 of the EFF states that the US government had sufficient authority has to store and process data.

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