Monday, 1 June 2015

French Prime Minister Wants To Use Hackers Jihadists

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls wants Hackers jihadist recruiters and propaganda on the Internet wagers, so he has this week during a speech at the Dauphine University in Paris know. Valls announced several measures to combat online jihadists. Thus there will be "community managers" appointed who will keep an eye on extremists on the web.

Extremists who are under Valls getting smarter on the Web. It is therefore important to have the same tools and people with adequate knowledge, said the premier. In addition to police officers why he wants to use hackers and technicians. The hackers aim to monitor online jihadists and try to identify them, reports The Local according to French media . Since the terrorist attacks in France earlier this year, the French government set aside 60 million euros to combat radicalization, where there are "cyber patrols" social media occur.

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