Friday, 2 October 2015

Google Will Support HTTPS For Blogspot

Owners of a blog on Google can now set HTTPS, so that traffic to and from the blog is encrypted. That Google has announced. The Internet giant has in recent years more and more services HTTPS enabled, but not for the popular blog platform Blogspot.

That is about to change. For blogs can enable encryption are important because, according to Jo-el Bergen, software engineer at Google Security. HTTPS can define users as to whether they are on the right website and not redirected to a malicious site. There may also be detected via HTTPS or an attacker to manipulate the data that is sent from Blogspot to a visitor, says Van Bergen.

HTTPS is not immediately available automatically to all Blogspot users, and will be gradually rolled out. Bloggers can Enable all myself. It only applies to blogs here, which are accessible via the domain of Blogspot. Bloggers who use their own domain name will be later supported. Bloggers do get a warning that after enabling HTTPS certain things may not work as templates, gadgets or content. It often matters that are offered via HTTP. To set a good example Google is now also a number of own blogs to move HTTPS.

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