Wednesday, 4 November 2015

British Government Would Want To Prohibit End-To-End Encryption

The British government should IT companies to commit to no longer offer encryption services even where they have no access to the data. The bill will be presented tomorrow, as claims the Daily Telegraph. According to British newspaper allowed companies like Apple and Google will soon no longer offer advanced encryption which even they can not decrypt.

The UK government is not going to ban encryption in its entirety, because it plays an important role in protecting data. It is especially end-to-end encryption, where only the sender and recipient can read the message that the authorities concern. The bill would require IT companies soon to always be able to access the customer data.

"The government is clear that we must find a way to collaborate with industry and ensure that with clear monitoring and a robust legal framework, the police and intelligence services access to the content of the communications of terrorists and criminals can get, to resolve such matters and police to prevent crime, "said a ministry spokesman. He says that this means that companies communicate on their networks should be able to approach if they get a warrant.

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