Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hackers Would Have Earned $ 1 Million With iOS9 Leak

A contest where hackers could earn $ 1 million with a zero-day vulnerability in iOS9 allow an attacker to get permanent access to the unit has produced a winner. That Zerodium let through Twitter know, the company that organized the contest. Critics are skeptical.

Participants in the competition were until 1 November to submit their zero-day exploits. In order for the amount of money needed to qualify the vulnerability could be attacked without user interaction, except for visiting a malicious web page. Also attacks came via SMS or MMS to reward eligible. Now Zerodium argues that the contest has produced a winning team.

Critics are skeptical and say that without evidence ultimately a PR stunt is. Across Vice Magazine late founder Chaouki Bekrar know that performing a jailbreak remotely allowing permanent access to the device can be obtained at least two or three additional exploits required. Several teams went to this was fixed and Bekrar plan to extend the deadline until another team came a few hours before the expiry of a solution.

To which team it exactly goes and what kind of vulnerabilities not know there used to attack Bekrar late. He also will not say how much he will sell the exploit. Zerodium buys vulnerabilities from researchers to then resell these to government organizations.

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