Thursday, 5 November 2015

Civil Rights Movement Praises AdBlocker In Firefox

The American civil rights movement EFF has very positively reacted to the latest version of Firefox, which typically has a built-AdBlocker features. Still, there is room for improvement, according to the organization. Yesterday released Firefox 42 includes Tracking Protection.

These Tracking Protection blocks trackers, analytics scripts, tracking pixels and also advertisements that follow users. For this, Firefox uses the blocking list of the Disconnect browser extension. This expansion also blocks all kinds webtrackers.According to Noah Swartz of the EFF Firefox does not take sides when it comes to online advertising, but has chosen to block ads that violate user privacy. Something the EFF agrees with.

The EFF is pleased that the browser now offers standard such an option. Earlier, namely Disconnect from the Android app store removed. Yet Swartz sees room for improvement. Tracking Protection is now enabled only when using the Private Browsing mode. If the option is enabled by default to the EFF for all users who have chosen within the browser for Do Not Track, whether via Private Browsing surfing or not. Swartz also hopes that other browser developers will follow the example of Mozilla.

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